A true story

April 2008 in Bangalore India, amongst the sparkling new out-sourced call center office parks, a unassuming new company is formed; "Personal Business Services Group". Their business? outsourced personal assistant services for American / European Fortune 1000's. For a reasonable rate of $200 a month* per employee their highly fluent and capable staff will time-shift their internal clocks and diligintly perform the following duties:

* *Call screening*: simply route your SIP phone through their severs and they will pre-screen all of your calls.
* *Scheduling*: Simply cc them on all your scheduling email threads and they will massage meetings into your calendar without you having to even think.
* *Note taking*: Call them up over Skype during meetings and they will listen in and take notes that will later be posted on your companies wiki.
* *Proof reading*: Send over any documents and they will sanity check, proof fread, and even edit your writing.

Within a year they have forged an entire new industry. New hire C level managers now think of personal assitant services a standard job benifit. Competing firms sprout up and tackle entirely new verticals such as stressed out soccer moms and small business owners.

*The catch*

Entreprenurial employees in India now sit in on every business meeting, every decision, and every interaction in every company in America. As the routinely disruptive dynamics of the information economy meet the inevitable finality of true globalization, the gates to our corporate american kingdom are pried open from the inside. Our personal assitants become our equals and our penchant for out-sourcing work becomes the blue print for our replacement.

* $3 an hour X 3 hours a day per employee = $9 a day / $45 a week / $180 a month

*Note:* I wrote this post while burning an hour before the 11PM showing of V for Vendetta. Make of that what you will.

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