We are opening a store for Mission Bicycle

This weekend, at Mission Bicycle's new flagship store at 766 Valencia St, we will open our doors to the public. Over the past few months I have been working with a resourceful and inspired group of friends planning, designing, building, spackling, painting our new home. I am beyond excited to unveil our work. I am reasonably sure we have built the best bike store in the world.

I will follow up after the store opens with many more details, but if you can come visit us this weekend. We will be hanging out with beautiful bicycles, grilling, and snacking on peoples donuts all Saturday & Sunday.

An idea I had last night

If Facebook implemented this right they could create something really remarkable for their users.

They probably won't.

Zack Rosen's shameless Aids Ride donation drive

Friends and Family,

Early next Sunday morning I will saddle up on my bicycle, join with 3,000 other riders, and over the next week cycle the 545 miles down to Los Angeles as part of the AIDS Life Cycle charity ride. I've never ran more than three miles consecutively in my life or trained for an endurance sport of any kind, so this is probably going to be an interesting week for me. And by interesting I really mean long, painful and rewarding. Or quite possibly just long and painful. In either case I'll take lots of pictures!

This year will be the seventh annual Aids Lifecycle ride. It's a really remarkable program. This year they are projected to raise over $11,000,000 to fight AIDS. I encourage you to read a bit more about the organization on their website:

I've comitted to raising $2,500 myself for the event. You already know many important reasons to support causes such as AIDS research and treatment, so I will just say it would mean an incredible amount to me personally if you were able to donate in support of my ride:

Here is my donation page:

Thank you!


4 PM Saturday

Zack: John, I'm going to this 2080 theme'd dance party with industrial designers tonight and I have nothing to wear.
John (turns head, utters): Hoverboard.

10:30PM Saturday

11:30PM Saturday

Tony, Katherine, me - ready to roll out.

Note: Hoverboard graphics John whipped up with InDesign are attached.

Two great things

  1. Bring yer own big wheel race down Lombard St.
  2. Accrual based accounting

More later...

Put on your party hats

Happy birthday Matt! 2007 is going to be a great year.

What is in your hosts file?

For the next month at least this is what will be in mine...

I am in Chicago

I'll be here until Saturday, when Farsheed and I drive down to Urbana-Champaign for a pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving.

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