I'm still not used to living near the beach

We biked to ocean beach yesterday. I'm now a fixed gear believer. It was the easiest and most enjoyable 10 miles I've ever pedaled.



Someone please put Ticketmaster out of business

There's a lot of great things going on in my life that I should be blogging about. But instead I am going to whine about todays great injustice.

Ticketmaster overcharging me

CivicSpace netroots campaign website barnraising at the YearlyKos convention

At the Yearly Kos convention on June 8th the CivicSpace community will be teaching a workshop on building netroots campaign websites. Experts will be avaliable all day to teach participants at every skill level. The day will culminate in a barn raising of a real world netroots campaign website thought up by the DailyKos community and built by workshop participants and facilitators.

This thread:

is being used used as a campaign idea incubator with the best concept being built three days from now at the YearlyKos convention. If any of you are DailyKos members we could use your help recommending the thread so that it gets exposure within the DailyKos community, also please submit your ideas if you have them. If any of you want to help out please send me an email and let me know:

  1. If you will be attending YearlyKos
  2. If you want to help facilitate the workshop
  3. What specifically (if anything) you would like to pitch in on.

Hope to I'll see some of you in Las Vegas shortly.

New look

Just upgraded this site to Drupal 4.7.0 final and switched to the andreas theme. I now have a much less embarassing website. Time to go to bed so I can wake up early and bike up twin peaks with Drummy.

O'Reilly OnLamp interview

Spencer Critchley recently interviewed me about CivicSpace, Drupal, and DeanSpace for the O'Reilly OnLamp blog.

Screencast: Drupal Mashup Machine

Watch this screencast to learn how to use Drupal to create Google Maps mashups of virtually any arbitrary data or content with no coding in minutes. For the example shown in this screencast I took a csv file of crime data provided by the San Francisco government and turned it into a usable google maps mashup in about 10 minutes.

14 minutes / 60megs

To play along at home you will need to install the following:

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or feedback.

Gmaps + Views: A happy hack

On Saturday night Drummy, Tony, and I went to Super Happy Dev House IX. I was a bit drunk. I bet Neil and Tony that I the "business guy" would beat them the "hackers" at hacking. My goal for the night was to integrate the gmaps module with views to allow users to create maps of any view.

I won handily:

The how-to is posted on this handbook page.

Oh Eight

I was graciously invited to a roundtable discussion with Senator Edwards the other day. I spent the entire alloted hour sitting grumpily with my arms crossed.

There was a formidable amount of insight and talent in the room but I'm not sure of how much use it was to Edwards. Most of the questions Senator Edwards posed revolved around leveraging technology to reach Americans and to galvanize them to affect political change. Most of the ensuing discussion revolved around technology policy. If the take away was that in order for Senator Edwards to leverage technology and technologists skills he should endorse reasonable technology legislation than I'm not sure if much was accomplished

We had a lot of success on the Dean campaign leveraging the talents and insights of domain experts towards the goals of the campaign. We ended up getting a fair amount of bad or impractical advice but by and large we were effective in filtering out the useless and honing in on the important. Primarily this was because we grounded everything we did and invested in to our community of constituents and to the goals of the campaign. When things on the campaign got really crazy we had a firehouse of experts and their advice available - and we ignored most of it.

Our community itself was our filter and it successfully incubated thousands of ideas concurrently. The best bubbled up to the surface and the rest were never heard of, and thats why we were successful. The dean campaign wasn't magic created by whiz bang technology, it was simply the most focused and comprehensive community organizing effort we've ever seen. And the technology itself was an afterthought. DFA was by and large powered by Convio, and Yahoo Groups.

David Geilhufe joins CivicSpace LLC

I've had the pleasure of working closely with David over the past year on CivicSpace/CiviCRM and the People Finder project. He has been working in the social technology sector towards a vision quite similiar to the CivicSpace project for ten years (since I was in middle school). He is passionate, articulate, and usually knows more than me. As the managing partner of CivicSpace LLC responsible for strategy and business operations he will be a very important addition to Kieran's team working on getting CivicSpace on-demand off the ground. Here we go!

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