Oracle is trying to buy open-source

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  • Jboss is asking for $400M
  • Zend is asking for $200M

Why? This is pure defense, not an open-source embrace. Anyone who thinks Larry Elison loves the penguin is smoking crack. Oracle makes it's billions on licensing, Jboss and Zend make their millions on extensions and support. The open-source stack commodifies Oracle cash cow and sucks it's margin's bone dry. How many people who work inside Oracles big black tower read slashdot and play with LAMP or Ruby-on-Rails in their free time? Enough to know closed source ERP is fucked. Enough to freak out Elison. Enough to spend a billion or so squashing some peons. Zend is the ringleader of PHP and Jboss is the darling of open-source Java and Oracle is trying to take them out.