Sakai vs. Moodle

For IT directors at schools debating whether to use Sakai or Moodle as a course management solution, here is a side by side comparison. All signs point strongly towards Moodle kicking Sakai's butt and to the Mellon Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, and Sakai Partners wasting $6.6M.

Moodle: 2002
Sakai: 2004

Community Website Traffic (Alexa*):
Moodle: 150 per million
Sakai: 20 per million

Business Readiness Rating (
Moodle: 4.19
Sakai: 3.23

Moodle: 27
Sakai: 11

Install Base:
Moodle: 8,900
Sakai: 35

Moodle: $0 initial funding and ~ $12,000 a year from individual donors.
Sakai Project: $2,200,000 initial grant from Mellon Foundation and Hewlett Foundation and $4,400,000 from core partners.

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* Alexa statistics are definitely suspect. I would love to see more reliable data. If anyone has access to better data please get in touch.